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“物演”将在香港开幕 呈现范勃、刘可、唐寅九的最新艺术探索

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Exhibition: Formation and Evolution


Artists: Fan Bo, Liu Ke, Tang Yinjiu


Curator: Gu Zhenqing

展期:2019 年3 月26 日至4 月25 日

Exhibition time: March 26- April 25, 2019

展览地址:北角工业大厦22 楼

香港港岛英皇道499 号北角工业大厦22 楼

Add:22/F, North Point Industrial Building, No. 499 King’s Rd, North Point, HK


Organizer:Winsage International Group, Trealm Culture and Arts Co., Ltd


Co-organizer: Boxes Art Museum, The Fashion Door

2019 年3 月26 日(星期二)下午四点,展览“物演”开幕式将在香港北角工业大厦22 楼举办。由香港智睿国际集团、广州三域文化艺术传媒有限公司联合主办,“物演”由国际知名策展人顾振清策展, 将囊括策展人关于艺术史梳理的关注及其崭新的策展理念。本次展览包含艺术家范勃、刘可、唐寅九, 三位艺术家都将在展览里呈现他们最新的艺术探索和创作。

Winsage International Group and Trealm Culture and Arts Co., Ltd is very pleased to announce that we will have the opening ceremony of “Formation and Evolution” at the 22/F of North Point Industrial Building at 4.p.m on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 in Hongkong. The exhibition is curated by internationally renowned curator Gu Zhenqing. In “Formation and Evolution” the curator attaches importance on the concerns of the veins of art history and he also inserts his updated concept of contemporary art in his related rticle”Formation and Evolution”. The artists in this exhibition are: Fan Bo, Liu Ke and Tang Yinjiu.. There will be astonishing newly created art works by the three artists to be seen on site in the exhibition.

“在这里, 点线面、立体构成及色彩之间的点位、比例、层次、布局及整体多维时间、空间关系所结构的艺术形式, 逐渐被图文文本、符号文本与隐喻语境所更替。物演, 是艺术家范勃、刘可、唐寅九与外部世界面对面时产生的一种互动感应。艺术家不再扮演全知全能的神的角色,事无巨细地洞察、分析自己所要表达的物化对象。他们更乐于把物化对象当作另一个主体, 不再一味地将其对象化、客体化、他者化。从而把自身与物化对象的“ 面对面” 比拟为人与世界共生关系中的一种对视和对话。他们以动态的逻辑思维模型来处理混沌的物化对象及其变量,再以各自娴熟的艺术形式表达针对自然存在、精神存在、社会存在的物化感觉。范勃、刘可、唐寅九的艺术作品中, 人与物、词与物、精神与物之间往往都存在一种动态的物演形态。因而, 物演规则不止左右着当下的图像刷新和文本迭代, 更是指引着未来的思维革新和知识生产。

——《物演》, 顾振清

“Here, points, lines and planes, the three dimensional composition and the layouts, proportions and levels of colors, moreover the formation of art in the limitation of space are gradually replaced by the metaphorical contexts, the pictorial elucidation and the symbolic texts. As the title has hinted, “Formation and Evolution” is also the interactions between artists Fan Bo, Liu Ke, Tang Yinjiu and the external world.

The artists no longer play the role of omniscient and omnipotent god, but insightfully they investigate and analyze the materialized objects which they want to express in great details. They are more willingly to regard the materialized object as another subject. To avoid blindly objectifying them. Therefore, the "face-to-face" relationship with the materialized object is regarded as a kind of dialogue in a symbiotic relationship between man and the external world. Furthermore, with dynamic logical thinking model, the artists deal with the chaotic materialized objects and their variables, and they express their materialized sense of natural, spiritual and social existence in their specific skilled artistic forms. In the works of Fan Bo, Liu Ke and Tang Yinjiu, there is often a dynamic formation and evolution between persons and objects; words, spirit and objects. Hence, the rules of evolution not only influence the current structures of images and texts, but also guide the thinking innovation and knowledge production in the future.”

Formation and —— Evolution, Guzhenqing


范勃 Fan Bo


范勃Fan Bo,世界3 (World 3),装置 Installation ,2017

“ 范勃并非为了表现知觉而创作,而是借助与利用感知探讨创作的新的可能性。对于艺术家来说,显性的与隐性的知觉体验所提供的信息无疑是介入和讨论问题的重要依据。艺术是一种精神性实践活动,也是一个认识世界的真实性的过程, 而人处于论点的中心,这也是他想警惕的。利用视觉呈现形式再现世界的真实性、讨论世界的真实性,这是当代艺术的一大能力。”


“ Fan Bo is not creating art to express sensory perception, but to explore new possibilities of art createon by depending on and using sensory perceptions. For the artists, the information provided by the explicit and tacit perceptive experience is undoubtedly an important basis for intervention and discussion. What he is cautions of is that man is always the center or an argument that holds art as a spiritual practice and a process of understanding the reality of the world. Reproducing the authenticity of the world and discussing the authenticity of the world through visual presentation is one of the capabilities of contemporary art. “

——Olaf Reis


范勃Fan Bo,再制造-----贺卡 Remanufacturing-greeting card, mixed-media on canvas,2018

“ 一个如此丰富而斑驳的时代毫无意义。时代被各种图片上展示出来的面孔, 在盲人这里被遮蔽了。只有盲人能让时代的喧嚣归于沉寂。只有盲人才能破除景观社会的魔咒。”


“Such a rich and variegated age is meanings. The age, reflected by all kinds of images, are veiled from the blind. Thus, only the blind are able to silent the muss and fuss of the present, breaking the curse of the society of the spectacle. “

——Wang Min-an,

刘可 Liu Ke


刘可 Liu Ke,通道之二 Object and liberty No.2, mixed-media on canvas, 2019

刘可认为艺术是多种可能性的实现, 是对于未知空间( 现象或语言) 的探险。他认为艺术史的边界的拓展是艺术家存在的价值。在对材料、色彩、空间与变换语意的探寻里, 他不断发掘认知结构生长的可能。他的主要作品包括架上创作:《寂静的瀑布》等; 与架上创作呼应的空间装置与雕塑; 他组建的运用挪用、涉入方式、呈现非既定艺术领域和非艺术观念角度的艺术事件的工作小组-腾挪小组,自2 0 0 8 年以来植入广州原住民生活社区小洲村, 一个具有历史叙事、剧场感和生长态势的艺术空间:腾挪空间;他与盒子团队创立的盒子艺术空间、盒子美术馆等。

Liu Ke believes that art is the realization of many possibilities and it is the advantures of unknown boundaries (phenomenon or language). He believes that the expansion of the boundaries of art history is the value of artists and their pursuits. In the explorations of materials, colors, languages and meanings,he constantly searches the possibilities of the growth of cognition. His main works include mixed-media painting series: Silent aterfalls, etc., space installations and sculptures corresponding to his painting works. Sabaki Group which is an artists group he himself founded and participated in since 2008, by using the method of appropriation and involvement created an art space called Sabaki, in which a myriad works were presented in non-art territories. Which have shown works from the non-artistic perspectives in an aboriginal community (Xiao Zhou village) in Guangzhou over 10 years. It has become a space of art narratives and local histories. In general, Sabaki is a continuing growing space, which is famous for its peculiar theatrical features. Liu Ke also co-founded Boxes Art Space and Boxes Art Museum.,etc.


刘可Liu Ke,猫科动物2 Cats 2,mixed-media on canvas,2019



“Liu Ke's works focus on the exploration and imagination of the "space" concept. Whether his paintings or his installations they all show his dialogues with space. His integrated perception of dynamic and growing space and his distinct judgment of action lead to his realization and operation of physical space in reality. This constant renewing knowledge and practice makes him wandering freely in the edge of fiction and reality. His recent works break through the previous two-dimensional imagination and move towards a higher dimension of exploration. “

——Vicky Cheung

唐寅九Tang Yinjiu


唐寅九Tang Yinjiu, 2019 第4 号 2019 No.4,布面丙烯acrylic on canvas,120x150cm,2019



“From face to face, from face to mask, from appearance to mask, Tang Yinjiu has carried out a series of archival face studies using oil painting media and his real experience. Aiming at discussing the evolution of a paradigm or a kind of rule of the "natural face" and the "artificial face" under the conditions of globalized society and the modern consumer culture”.

——Gu Zhenqing


唐寅九 Tang Yinjiu,2019 第3 号2019 No.3,布面丙烯acrylic on canvas,120x150cm,2019



“Tang Yinjiu was unwilling be tamed in the daily life. His role of life has changed always. He watched the world through the migration, interweaving and struggling of his identity, while with his works of art he penetrates the hearts of people. "Faces" series tearing off the decent veil of the public with a way of sincere offense, like a blooming flower of evil by Baudelaire: the face of carnal desires, lost and struggling souls... This is a spiritual film of the present. “

——Zhang Tongdao

关于范勃 About Fan Bo


范勃Fan Bo,再制造-----丽江花园Remanufacturing-Lijiang Garden, mixed-media on canvas, 2018

范勃1966 年生于天津,1988 年毕业于天津美术学院油画系。硕士、博士分别毕业于广州美术学院、中央美术学院。现为广州美术学院副院长、教授、博士生导师。



关于刘可 About Liu Ke


刘可 Liu Ke,无题 Untitled,布面综合媒介 mixed media on canvas, 2019

刘可1976 年生于湖南宁乡;2003 年广州美术学院油画系研究生毕业,同年广州美术学院油画系任教。现任广州美术学院绘画学院副院长兼油画系系主任、副教授;广东油画艺委会秘书长;广州美术学院青年研究会秘书长;广州腾挪空间负责人;华侨城盒子美术馆执行馆长。刘可在个人创作、空间运营、艺术教育三个方面同时展开工作,它们互为能量来源和推动角力。


2019 年,“通道:劉可个展”,广州美术学院美术馆,广州,中国

2018 年,“圣维克多山,刘可”蜂巢(深圳)当代艺术中心,深圳,中国

2015 年,“蔚蓝之上的聆听”刘可个展,蜂巢当代艺术中心,北京,中国

2014 年,“象外造”刘可个展,极空间,广州,中国

2013 年,“条控”刘可个展,空间站,北京,中国

2011 年,“困局”刘可作品展,广州美术学院美术馆,广州,中国

2008 年,“听狼”刘可作品展,Pretty Land Gallery,法兰克福,德国

关于唐寅九 About Tang Yinjiu


唐寅九 Tang Yinjiu,无题 Untitled,布面丙烯,acrylic on canvas,120x150cm,2019

唐寅九1966 年生于湖南。2018 年唐寅九个展“面孔”于香港“北工22 空间”举行,唐寅九作品被奥地利、美国、日本等地区的藏家所收藏。

2018 年 凤凰文艺出版社出版长篇小说《悬空的椅子》

2018 年 在中国最具影响力的文学刊物《中国作家》发表中篇小说“ 一小片浮云”,获得极佳回响。

2017 年 移居香港专注于小说及绘画创作。

2010-2015 年游历欧洲各大美术馆和艺术机构,并深受表现主义、抽象表现主义创作所影响。

2009 年 开始油画创作,受到中央美术学院教授暨油画大师靳之林先生、中国油画写意艺术家戴士和先生、暨中国当代艺术家吴啸海先生指点与启发。

2008 年 出版长篇小说《折腾》,位列新浪、搜狐畅销书榜首。

1994 年 为纪念白话文写作100 年,策划出版《二十世纪中国文学大师文库》,是该文库出品人及《诗歌》卷联合主编。该文库作为九十年代具有标志性意义的文学事件,影响甚广。

1982 年 开始从事现代诗创作 ,参与创办成都大学生诗歌联合会、东方与未来研究会等民间机构,出版《大时代》等民刊。并陆续在《人民日报》、《诗探索》等报刊发表诗歌与散文。1993 -1999年创办《音乐生活报》、《环球青年》杂志及澳门五星卫视。

关于策展人 About Curator

顾振清 1964年生于上海。1987年毕业于中国上海复旦大学历史系。2003年至2006年任上海多伦现代美术馆总策展人及副馆长,2004兼任中国当代艺术奖(CCAA)艺术总监,2005年兼任台湾东海大学美术系客座助理教授。2006-2007年任上海朱屺瞻艺术馆执行馆长。2007-2008年兼任《视觉生产》杂志主编、2008年受聘为第五届台新艺术奖决审评委、天津美术学院客座教授。2009-2011年任北京白盒子艺术馆艺术总监。2009-2016年任北京荔空间艺术总监。2014-2016年任西安贾平凹文化艺术馆学术馆长。2017-2018年至今任厦门MORE ART艺术馆学术馆长。2018-2019年任台湾艺术大学雕塑系客座副教授。现以独立策展人身份工作、生活于中国北京。

21 世纪以来,顾振清曾策展2001 年广东美术馆“虚拟未来”展;2001 年成都现代艺术馆“首届成都双年展”;2002 年苏州美术馆“海市蜃楼”展;2003 年北京今日美术馆“二手现实”当代艺术展;2004 年挪威奥斯陆国立当代美术馆“轻而易举·上海拼图2000-2004”展;2005 年上海多伦现代美术馆“上海酷:创意在生产”国际艺术展;2005 年韩国首尔市立美术馆“亚洲城市网络”艺术展;2006 年英国利物浦双年展独立项目“中国馆”;2008 年波兰“调解”首届波兹南国际双年展;2009 年台北当代艺术馆“各搞各的:岐观当代”艺术展;2011 年法国留尼汪双年展;2012年上海沪申画廊“心动上海”一汽大众-奥迪艺术大展;2013 年法国留尼汪双年展;2015 年意大利米兰世博会中国企业联合馆、米兰艺术与科学博物馆 “原乡”中国当代艺术展;2016 年乌兰巴托蒙古国家美术馆“2016 乌兰巴托华语短片电影节”;2016 年圣彼得堡俄罗斯民族博物馆“走出牡丹亭:中国女性当代艺术展”;2017-2018 年上海中华艺术宫“天的那边:当今时代的蒙古艺术”展;2018 年土耳其伊斯坦布尔ZFotoFest 国际摄影节;2018 年蒙古国首届“乌兰巴托国际艺术节”;2018 年中国四川首届“广安田野双年展”。



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